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  • Suspended Ceiling
  • T-Bar Ceiling
  • FRP Ceiling
  • Acoustical Ceiling & Wall Panels
  • FRP Wall Panels
  • Curved Ceiling
  • Specialty &Wood Ceiling

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  • Projects Completed on Schedule and Within Budget
  •  Superior Project Management
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  • Trained Crews
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  • Resolution of Jurisdictional Disputes
  • Value Engineering Analysis if Requested
  • Construct ability Review
  • Quick Resolution of Issues
  • 100% Safety Commitment

CG Acoustics highly experienced and talented Project Managers oversee every facet of each project - quality control, labor, scheduling, and cost control ensuring you a superior result.

T-Bar Ceilings


   T-Bar ceilings are also known as drop ceilings or suspended ceilings. They are essentially a secondary ceiling that is installed below the structural ceiling as a means to hide unsightly pipes, duct-work, electrical runways and low voltage wiring for telephone, computer networking, television, and audio-visual systems. The area above the ceiling tile is call the plenum. Once in place, a T-Bar ceiling, equipped with the properly selected tiles, will enhance the look of a room while providing excellent control over the reverberant field. For added control, specialty tiles can be used to limit the sound traveling up into the plenum from spilling into other rooms.

Curved Ceilings

  You see them in the Sistine Chapel and above the walls in Belfast, now your about to see barrel vaulted ceilings in many
of upcoming projects. Why you may ask, because they are a lot easier and less expensive to install than you think. CG Acoustics can install your pre-fabricated barrel vault kit and transform your construction project into a stunning work of architectural art. Your customers or your neighbors will be genuinely impressed that you were able to create a awe-inspiring effect in your place of business or home.

Wood & Specialty Ceilings

   Wood ceilings continue to increase in popularity and there are new wood products being developed every year.  There are plenty of species, finishes and styles to select from for this type of ceiling allowing building owners
many design options when specifying wood ceilings.  The two most common types of wood ceilings are linear slats and 2×2 lay-in panels.  Wood ceilings are typically used in lobbies, medical offices, auditoriums and other projects looking for a
warm ceiling element.
   Specialty metal ceilings could be called the eye candy of our business.  With hundreds of materials to select from the
design of these type of ceilings is nearly unlimited.  Specialty metal ceilings are used in offices, lobbies, atrium's,
auditoriums, convention facilities, airports and any other project looking to create an eye catching ceiling element.  We have installed thousands of specialty metal ceilings over the years and enjoy the challenges that come with each one.  Please call us early on this type of ceiling to take advantage of our installation experience and allow us to assist you in the design process.

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