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CG Acoustics uses the combined experience of over 35 years to provide you with unparalleled quality and service. Our staff is trained and equipped to handle any custom ceiling project in the Southern California area, from San Diego to Ventura County and all points in between. We provide economically priced, quality service, where customer satisfaction and safety are of the utmost priorities.

Acoustic Ceilings

T-Bar Ceilings

Curved Ceilings

Metal Ceilings

Wood Ceilings

Acoustical Wall Panels

FRP Panel Installation

Clean, Creative, and Productive

Interior Contractors.

Specializing in Acoustical and Suspension Ceiling installations.

Dropped Ceilings from A to Z

A dropped ceiling is a secondary "false" ceiling installed below the existing ceiling to hide pipes, wires, and duct work. Choose from an array of standard or deluxe panels to give your commercial or residential location a professional, clean look that absorbs sound.

Durable Quality, Reliable Service

Installed with an steel or aluminum grid, our ceilings prevent rust and corrosion, a common problem in areas located near saltwater or in high humidity. Whether you have a new construction project or plan to remodel, we provide full repairs and installation in a timely manner.

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